Mama Likeyelesh “a person with no limitations”

At Drop of Water we are proud of the constructive relationships we’ve developed with May Genet’s community, and community leaders. Of course networking with administration and educators is important, but often overlooked, are credible leaders hidden amongst the crowd who lack formal titles. We wanted to include everyone in realizing our vision for May Genet, […]

Clean water as Hope

Tesfaye Berihu, 17, is the first born from his two brothers. In the rural areas, the responsibilities of fetching water lie mainly on mothers and girls. Since Tesfaye’s mother is severely sick and he has no sisters, the responsibilities of fetching water for his family of five now lies solely on him. It is not […]

A crises, across Generations

Despite age, race and gender differences, the water crisis can affect any human being. For the young girls and women of Doka Tebien woreda, this struggle is a part of their everyday lives. They are forced to fetch water for their families, who need it to survive. The lives of KisanetGebreabezgi, 7, and Silaseabera, 60, […]

Change through the Eyes of a Water Guard

A visit to May Genet is never complete without a moment or two spent with Mr. Gebremedhin, more commonly called Abo Gerea by the locals. A friendly man in his mid-sixties who always seems to be smiling, Abo Gerea wields the energy of a much younger man and remains very active in the community. When […]

A Dream never buried

Beletu never forget the very first time she started to toil for lack of access to clean water 20 years ago, while she was only five. She always remembers how she wasted her precious childhood time by queuing more than nine hours to fetch water for her family by waking up early morning to get […]


Among the different success stories DOW has chosen to share the story of Hadas who lived in Addis Ababa for one year and is currently living in kebelle May’Genet and serving as the chairwoman of one of the three water points, GerebChaham. The story is taken from what she shared to a staff member of […]

Muuz Haftu

Muuz Haftu,9 ,He is Grade 2 student in Aragure primary school. His friends call him Millaw, it’s his nick name. Millaw is the only boy for his family among three sisters in his family. He lovely mentions his sisters name as Fana, Eyerus, Kidisti. Milaw loves to play with his friends in and outside of […]