Muuz Haftu

Muuz Haftu,9 ,He is Grade 2 student in Aragure primary school. His friends call him Millaw, it’s his nick name. Millaw is the only boy for his family among three sisters in his family. He lovely mentions his sisters name as Fana, Eyerus, Kidisti. Milaw loves to play with his friends in and outside of the school. He never missed a class, regularly attend his class, but one day was especial for him, and he won’t forget it. University students(Arranged by DoW volunteers) came to his school and demonstrated Taekwondo art for the first time in his school life. He was eager to see how martial artists get flexible and kick, he wanted to do the same like they did. He entertained the show to the fullness. At the end of the taekwondo show, ‘teachers’ thought the school kids about proper hand and face washing practice for a healthy life. Since his interest is to become stronger and healthier to do martial arts, he took the hygiene lesson carefully. After that day he never ceased to wash his face and hand regularly. He also teachhis friends who don’t wash properly. He told us that he laughed by kids who have mucus at their noise. Similarly, he teaches his friends about hand and face washing practices. He also told us he loves washing, we also met him at the water point of the school.

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